Business continuity and disaster recovery are now seen as fundamental elements of any IT strategy. Whether IT is mission-critical or just key to productive working, it’s essential that firms have a cohesive response ready to any unplanned outage so as to minimise disruption, damage and dislocation.

Disasters can result from events such as hacker attacks, computer viruses, electrical power failures, large-scale network outages, natural disasters or mistakes in system administration.

Most businesses rely on some form of redundancy to make possible the recovery of data and systems. Redundancy allows secondary data or system resources to be put into service at short notice should primary resources fail or otherwise become unavailable.

Our Business Continuity Suite of storage and replication solutions is designed to keep you working as though nothing has happened – even if the worst has.

These include:

  • DR as a Service
  • Near or Real Time Replication
  • Storage
  • Archiving
  • Backup as a Service