Strategic Outsourcing

Outsourcing reduced IT costs and provides the flexibility to transition the latest infrastructure and applications with the expertise of our business and technology professionals. As a consequence, you are left to focus on your core competencies, while service levels are improved, measured and reported on, more cost effectively than with an ‘in-house’ solution.

Operations management

The need to focus on core competencies while achieving considerable cost savings are the primary motivators that compel progressive organizations to outsource the management of their IT systems and applications. Bembridge Technologies strategic partnerships with leading technology companies, facilitated by Service Level Agreements, ensure unmatched quality of services in this regard.

Application Management Services

Bembridge Technologies provides clients with the extensive skills and expertise of professionals when implanting and running the leading middleware, databases and web applications.

Data Centre Services

Bembridge Technologies can manage the complete lifecycle of an Internet data centre in a reliable and consistent manner, while taking into account budgetary considerations as well.

Bembridge Technologies has experience in setting up and running Data Centres in UK and Europe. We offer consultation services wherein we provide turnkey solutions of design, implementation, project management, operations, training and knowledge transfer. The result is a scalable, reliable, secure environment brought about by using the recommended tools, technologies, processes and utilizing our management expertise.

IT Managed services

We undertake major IT infrastructure projects which include design, structured cabling, hardware/software procurement, implementation, project management and IT support.

Bembridge Technologies provides clients with the extensive skills and expertise of professionals in developing applications of any complexity and design. We help clients design and build the right solution, integrate applications and run the efficiently, allowing clients to focus on core capabilities and business issues.
Bembridge Technologies solution architects and business analysts work directly with your own technical professionals to assess your environment, application requirements and forecasted volumes as a pre-requisite for building a custom solution. The customer is provided with complete design documentation, including hardware configurations, addressing schemes and physical layout designs based on their hosting and security requirements.

Benefits and Features

Expertise: the teams that offer consultation and implement solutions are made up of specialists and experts in every aspect of their respective IT domains, and work in tandem to produce the most viable, workable and efficient solutions to meet your business needs.

Knowledge transfer: Reports and knowledge transfer sessions facilitate the transfer of know-how to our customers, in order to keep them aware of their business needs, and highlight exactly how we are helping them achieve their IT objectives.

Reduction of Costs: IT services are offered with a view to helping organizations reduce their costs by accepting IT services from Bembridge Technologies as opposed to hiring costly experts to implement a similar service. Also, time cost savings help customers in accomplishing their IT objectives and allow them to focus on their core business.

Service Level Agreements: Bembridge Technologies offers adaptive SLAs to customers based on their unique requirements and the SLAs components can be monitored and reported on as per their mutual agreement.