Bembridge Technologies offers colocation, which refers to customers storing their privately-owned server(s) within our data centre, in order to benefit from a highly secure and environmentally controlled environment.

Our co-location services offer the following:

  • Server Rack space
  • Self-owned, self-managed servers within a self-defined logical security environment
  • Stringent access control, with multiple levels of physical security
  • 24 x 7 support of redundant power within a managed environment
  • Internet connectivity, with flexible and redundant internet bandwidth
  • Network equipment inclusive of routers and switches
  • ½ rack and full rack cabinets, as well as Cages and dedicated Data Centre rooms
  • Server Lease Solutions with choice of hardened operating systems, database licenses and clustered configurations
  • Access to our 24 x 7 Help Desk

Optional Value Added Services

  • ISP services
  • Remote Hands
  • Security Services

Managed Colocation

The essential difference between Colocation and Managed Colocation is that Managed Colocation services provide additional shared infrastructure, such as firewalls, VPNs, load balancing and the staff to perform maintenance tasks along with a combination of optional value added services.

Managed Colocation offers the following to customers:

  • All of the services offered within Colocation
  • Shared firewalls and routers
  • Customer Owned Equipment or Server Lease Solutions from Bembridge Technologies with choices of hardened operating systems, database licenses and clustered configurations.

Bembridge Technologies provides complete server and OS management along with database and application administration options.

Value Added Services:

  • ISP services
  • Backup and Storage Services
  • System Monitoring
  • Remote Hands
  • Reports
  • Managed Security
  • VPN
  • Load Balancing

Benefits and Features

Connectivity and Uptime: Most corporate systems have large bandwidth needs, and require guaranteed 99.9% uptime for their mission critical systems. Maintaining this level of efficiency requires continuous monitoring and rock-solid infrastructure facilities and 24 x 7 monitoring through our Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Cost Reduction: In order for a company to establish their similar levels of infrastructure and continuous monitoring, investments would be of much larger proportions. When these solutions are outsourced to Bembridge Technologies, costs are greatly reduced.

Quick Deployment: Our experts can assist you in going ‘live’ within a short span of time, no matter how complex your systems might be. We have transferred companies’ infrastructures and launched their services within just a few weeks.

Service Level Agreements: Bembridge Technologies offers adaptive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to customers, based on connectivity and uptime, and even take into consideration the application level, when we fully manage their infrastructure. As each customer is unique, a different SLA is required, which is provided on the basis of business needs and customized requirements.

Secure environment: Usage of Biometric Technology, IR and motion sensor cameras along with 24 x 7 physical securities helps maintain mission critical applications in a secure environment with minimal access to personnel.

Dedicated Services

Bembridge Technologies offers dedicated servers that are fully owned and managed by Bembridge Technologies, including the hardware, operating system, patches, etc. These servers are offered to customers to host their websites, applications, databases, etc and are offered under a managed hosting environment.

Fully managed hosting

Bembridge Technologies offers Fully Managed Hosting in a ‘State-of-the-art’ Managed Hosting Environment. This service includes Continuous Monitoring of your server both at hardware and network levels.

Within this offering, Bembridge Technologies takes care of the entire hosting equation, including management of the network, logical security, hardware, operating system, databases, application servers, and customer applications.

The fully managed hosting package includes the following:

  • Server Rack Space
  • Bembridge Technologies dedicated servers
  • Fully Managed Software and Hosted applications
  • The Logical and Physical security environment, offering escorted access
  • 24 x 7 support of redundant power within a managed environment
  • Monitoring of Server network levels and advising customers via email before problems occur
  • Reporting and alerting on applications, H/W, O/S, disk space utilisation, application event logs, security event logs, thresholds, etc.
  • Backup and Storage Services, Managed Security, ISP Services and Remote Hands as per agreed rate
  • Load Balancing, Statistics
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Help Desk Support

Benefits and Features

Availability: Managed hosting services provide customers with High Availability, State-of-the-art infrastructure for mission critical systems and applications. The Managed hosting environment provides customers with complex failover capabilities and health checking to give them complete satisfaction.

Cost Reduction: The components of infrastructure provided under managed services would cost an enormous amount of capital investment to build ‘in-house’. Bembridge Technologies can provide you with a stellar infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Manageability: High tech architectures are easily managed through a separate and secure network that offers integration of systems, applications and network management solutions. This gives customers the manageability and flexibility of being completely informed about their hosted network.

Time to Market: Bembridge Technologies has transferred companies infrastructures and launched their services within just a few weeks, while taking into account their requirements and budgets. The Time to Market is negligible compared to the time investment necessary to build and run an equivalent ‘in-house infrastructure.

Service Level Agreements: Bembridge Technologies offers competitive SLAs to customers, based on whole hosting solutions, including management of hardware, operating systems, web servers, databases, application servers and customer appliances.

Disaster Recovery encompasses the identification of your mission critical systems and devising an alternative way to continue your operations unhindered, in the event of a disaster. Because we offer disaster recovery solutions as one of our core competencies, we are better geared than most to offer you the broadest spectrum of DR offerings.