Bembridge Technologies is a fully owned UK based Data Centre Company. Our service encompasses an entire range of managed hosting and security services coupled with cutting edge consultancy, strategic outsourcing and data management.

Companies seeking to excel at business are increasingly realising that they cannot do it all on their own.

Indeed, business success today is determined by whether a company has access to quality, cost-effective services that will free them from the resource-heavy task of doing everything in-house.

For a long time, the region lacked a world-class data centre company that could offer a combination of key business services including Managed Hosting, IT Security, Business Continuity, and strategic Outsourcing as well as business solutions. Bembridge Technologies was established to fill this gap.

Bembridge Technologies was created to provide world class data centre company with managed hosting, IT security and disaster recovery services regionally.

Bembridge Technologies mission is to provide these business services as consistent quality and at prices that give customers a significant competitive advantage, while allowing them to focus on their core business.

We offer a diverse portfolio of internet and hosting services covering the full spectrum of your business needs. We provide reliability, guaranteed quality of service, enhanced security, dependability and first-class customer support, backed by a wealth of experience from our strategic partners.

Our services will help you effectively and securely run your business systems enabling you to reallocate your resources to other core and strategic functions. This freedom will come at a cost that is much lower than an in-house investment.

Bembridge Technologies robust services will help you achieve the performance and reliability that is demanded from critical business sites. If you have unique requirements, we can develop a customized solution that offers high performance and resilience.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will monitor your systems around the clock. With Bembridge Technologies services, you will breathe easier knowing that your business systems are safe and secure and are up and running even when you are not.

Business efficiencies and cost savings derived from our services will help you reduce time to market, decrease cost of goods and services, raise standards of customer’s service and improve customer retention rates.

Bembridge Technologies has developed an extensive base of satisfied customers, ranging from large companies and international leaders to smaller companies and entrepreneurs. We anticipate further strategic alliances with companies across these regions and hope to have you among our valued customers.