With Bembridge Technologies Data Centre, you can finally concentrate on your core business, while you leave your IT operations in capable and trusted hands. Now, one of the most advanced and reliable Data Centre can become a seamless part of your business.

With Bembridge Technologies Data Centre as your outsourcing partner, you have access to the Manpower, Infrastructure and Processes that support one of the largest zones in the EMEA region:

Best-In-Class Facilities

Our world class Data Centres are well protected from power outages and hardened against natural disasters. Some of our business continuity features include:

  • Power from two separate electricity substations
  • Network connectivity from two redundant terrestrial links
  • Independent banks of uninterrupted power supplies with battery backup units
  • Diesel generators that allow our data centres to operate during an outage.

Leading reliability, availability and security

From hosting to advanced services such as disaster recovery and storage on demand, Bembridge Technologies Data Centres are a dynamic resource that will help you to rapidly adapt to the challenges of an ever changing marketplace.

The calibre of network availability, reliability and security that Bembridge Technologies delivers, is hard to achieve within your own organization.