The EMEA region is poised for expansive growth in Data Centre Services, including Colocation, Hosting and Managed Cloud.

In particular, the African region is now opening up to new market entrants and allowing businesses to operate in this region utilising leading edge services that can compete with European standards and ensure security of data and compliance with partner countries.

The role of Cloud Services in the economic growth of a country and subsequent social change has received considerable attention in recent years, particularly as data growth is now exponential. This data growth has created new issues for businesses as they need to protect their data and ensure it is managed to International Standards.

Businesses looking to expand are increasingly realising that they cannot do it all on their own. Business success today is determined by whether a company has access to quality, cost effective services that will free them from the resource heavy task of doing everything in house. For a long time the Africa Region lacked world class Data Centres that could offer a combination of key IT business services. Bembridge Technologies was created to provide world class Data Centre capabilities and services to key global regions.

Business efficiencies and cost savings derived from our services will help you reduce time to market, decrease cost of goods and services, raise standards of customer service and improve customer retention rates.