Dedicated focus on IT security consultancy services:

Bembridge Technologies employs a multi-level approach to security, ensuring that all of your systems and appliances operate in a safe and reliable environment.

Security functions cover:

  • Physical security
  • Data security
  • Network Security

Security audit services

Professional Security Services involve security analysis of clients’ networks, security policies and architecture development and managed security services. The security services offered by Bembridge Technologies leave no bases uncovered. In fact, we possess the expertise and technical resources to address any Information security issue.

Security Audit services offered:

  • Penetration Testing (internal and external)
  • Computer and Network Assessment
  • Secure Code Review and Application Audit

Strategic Security Services

  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Policy Development and Review
  • ISO 27001

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery encompasses the identification of your mission critical systems and proves alternative ways to continue your operations unhindered, in the event of a disaster. Because we offer disaster recovery solutions as one of our core competencies, we are better geared than most to offer you the broadest spectrum of DR offerings.

Security Policy Design and Review

Prepares organizations for implementing a strategic, tactical and operational information security policy. This includes roles and responsibilities for all people involved at all levels of the organization.

After an initial assessment, our team will be able to review your existing policy, or write a new policy for your organization. During this process, the team will analyze your network infrastructure and your computer configuration up to the OS level. If a redesign of the network is needed, the team will recommend the new design and discuss it with your IT development.

We review existing security policies, and audit on company adherence to these policies. Interviews of upper management, network administrators and end-users are conducted and results are compiled to determine policy effectiveness.

ISO 27001 Consultancy

To ensure that the organization has implemented safeguards and identified the threats to the organization, and correctly catered for information of any form, nothing is more prestigious for an organization than the only worldwide acceptable security technology independent standard, ISO 27001.

Bembridge Technologies will assist and drive your complete company to follow the requirements in the standards, and provide all needed documentation to be submitted to the BS7799 auditors which will give an accredited worldwide certificate of Information Security.

Benefits and Features

Risk Reduction: Bembridge Technologies provides businesses with infrastructure and personnel with the requisite skill-sets to address every IT security requirement. We essentially secure our clients from internal and external vulnerabilities.

Customer confidence: the efforts towards development of an Information Security Management System is that compliant to the BS 7799 (ISO 17799) standard, enhances customers confidence in our clients’ operations. It also bolsters their reputation for reliability and dependability with regard to critical information that is entrusted to them by customers.